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  In order to keep the size of TRNDll.dll 
smaller, there are sometimes limits in the 
Fortran code itself. If you want to use more than 
100 parameters for Type40, you need to modify the line:

       PARAMETER (NPMAX=100,...

in the fortran code and recompile the TRNDll.dll. 
If you aren't able to do that yourself, let me 
know and I can make you a new dll.

At 07:18 7/5/2007, Arnaud Vandendriesche wrote:
>Hello TRNsys users,
>I use the type 40 in my project. When I run my project, I have a message :
>*** Fatal Error at time   :      4000.000000
>     Generated by Unit     :    76
>     Generated by Type     :    40
>     Message  : The maximum allowable number of 
> PARAMETERS for this Type was exceeded.
>But I respect the limit for NCT, NMODE,...
>I join the proforma.
>Thank you for your help.
>Arnaud Vandendriesche (student at the Faculté Polytechnique de Mons Belgium)
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