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Dear Henk,

You could define the parameters You want to vary as equations in the 
control cards with free values (equations=xxx; cp_fluid=4.91; 
m_fluid=... ...). Give the type these placeholders as parameters (first 
You have to set the unit to "string", otherwise the type won't accept a 
combination of characters instead of numbers). Then set up a table in 
TRNEDIT with the different combinations of values for these parameters. 
That's how I simulated a large amount of collector-area, -orientation, 
storage-capacity and backup combinations.

You will recieve a large amount of output files You have to deal with. I 
did this with a combination of windows batch file and excel, but i think 
an awk-script would be more elegant...

Hope i was a help.

Best regards,

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> Hi,
> In several schema's, e.g. the solar heater, a liquid is used with its properties such as specific heat and mass. Now I want to store that properties in a sort of database, so that I can easily use them in different schemas, simulate different liquids in the same shema, etc. 
> Has anyone experience herewith? Is there a sort of database technique in TRNSYS?
> Thanks for suggestions,
> Henk


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