[TRNSYS-users] Intel 8.1 - MVS2003.NET - differential equation

Jocelyn.Pacquelet@UTBM.fr Jocelyn.Pacquelet at utbm.fr
Thu Jan 26 08:52:07 PST 2006

Dear trnsys users

I would like to know if anybody is using the intel fortran 8.1 compiler and
Microsoft visual studio 2003.NET to compile their component.

We'd like to know if you have got problems about the Trnsys functions while
compiling the source code and if yes how did you solve the problem.

Also we'd like to know if anybody has already try to solve a differential
equation with the function called Differential_EQN() (manual programmer's guide as the example provided in the manual is not very clear.

Thanks you all

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