[TRNSYS-users] No output from Type 74, CPC collector

Diego A. Arias daarias at wisc.edu
Wed Jan 25 08:48:03 PST 2006

Dear Paul,

My guess is that there is a mismatch between the axis orientation mode 
for Type74 and the tracking mode in type109.  If you are using axis 
orientation 2 in Type74, you need to specify tracking mode 3 in Type109 
and give for inputs 2 and 3 (type109 - slope of surface and azimuth of 
surface) the slope and azimuth of the surface formed by the axes of the 
cpc collectors.
Please let me know if this solves your problem.
Best regards,


Paul.Kohlenbach at csiro.au wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I am experiencing a problem using type 74, the CPC collector. I have 
> it connected to the type 109 (TMY2) weather reader with the following 
> inputs:
> -ambient temperature,
> -incident radiation,
> -incidence angle,
> -zenith angle,
> -solar azimuth angle,
> -collector slope
> I am using axis orientation mode 2. I also use a constant input fluid 
> temperature and mass flow.
> The problem I am experiencing is a fluid outlet temperature that is 
> slightly lower than the input temperature (i.e. affected only by the 
> thermal loss due to the temperature difference to ambient). There is 
> no heat transfer to the absorber tube although there is radiation 
> going into it.
> If I use the same weather data and input setup on any other collector 
> model it works fine.
> Has anyone experienced this before and maybe a solution to this?
> Thanks!
> Paul
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