[TRNSYS-users] Enquiry for the Type 683 Problem

HuiLing.Tay at csiro.au HuiLing.Tay at csiro.au
Tue Jan 24 15:02:36 PST 2006

Dear Trnsys Users.
Hi! I am trying to model a rotary desiccant wheel dehumidifier, hence
Type 683 was chosen. In this model, the required inputs are the process
air and regeneration air stream mass flow rates, the process stream
inlet conditions (dry bulb temperature and absolute humidity ratio), the
desired process stream outlet humidity ratio, and the regeneration
stream inlet absolute humidity ratio. 
However, I would like to have the regeneration stream inlet temperature
to be specified by the user and the process air outlet humidity ratio to
be calculated by the model (i.e. not a set point). This could not be
done in this model. Have anyone come across this problem before and
developed a new model to suit this requirement?
Thank you in advance for any help.
Best regards,
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