[TRNSYS-users] Multiple years simulation for Type56

Diego A. Arias daarias at wisc.edu
Mon Jan 23 14:56:20 PST 2006

Dear Benoit,

Monika Schulz, from Transsolar, helped me with your question.  I am 
copying her reply:

Dear Diego,
I tried to simulate for 10 years and I didn't have any problem as long as I used the mode without standard output files. Using the standard output files the simulation stops after 5 years and actually the time period for writing the output files is limited on 60 months.
For the moment I would recommend to use the Type 56 without the standard output files and to produce the outputs with the simulation summary or the printer.    


Benoit.Beauchamp at etsmtl.ca wrote:

>Hi, currently the available type56 allows for a maximum of 5 years of simulation.  Is it possible to do 10 or even 20 years. If there are currently no available version of type56 for more than 5 years, is it possible to tell me how to recompile the type56 once it's modified.
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