HuiLing.Tay at csiro.au HuiLing.Tay at csiro.au
Thu Jan 19 19:50:52 PST 2006

Dear TRNSYS Users,
I am trying to start learning TRNBUILD by following an example provided
in the "06-MultizoneBuilding.pdf" file (page 61 of 199). But the
description in there doesn't seem to match with TRNSYS 16, does it?
I sort of following through the example, but I could not run it as
stated in the last paragraph in page 62 of 199, because I could not find
the "Run button"! Does anyone has any idea?
Besides, in the "Generate" tab in the TRNBUILD window, the "Create TYPE
56 files" tab was shown grey in colour (i.e. not an available option).
Does it mean that my "building" has not been set up correctly or the
TRNBUILD software has not been installed correctly?
Thank you in advance for any help.
Best regards,
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