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Timo Sengewald timo.sengewald at bls-energieplan.de
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using the window type manager of Prebid/TRNBuild you can set the window ID
(which refers to a window of the window library) as an input. By that you
are able to switch the window type of a window during the simulation run.
When the window type you would like to use is not available in the library
you use, you can define a new one in the Window program by the LBNL (see
http://sel.me.wisc.edu/trnsys/ --> Tutorials for further information on
doing so).

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Hello Diego,

         In my building problem, I am using  a window of single glazing, say
U value 0f 5 W/m2.k.  I want to insulate my window during night time only in
order to mininize heat loss from the room that gained during daytime. Could
you please guide me the ways to do that?
thanks in advance

Research scholar,
CES, IIT Delhi

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