[TRNSYS-users] modeling a passiv haus

David Bradley bradley at tess-inc.com
Tue Jan 10 08:08:53 PST 2006

   In addition to Michaël's suggestion, there are two other ways that 
ASHRAE has suggested in the past to estimate infiltration. One is a method 
called "K1,K2,K3" from about 1987. The form is:

infiltration rate = K1 + K2*(Tin-Tamb) + K3*WindSpeed

K1,K2,K3 is not widely used anymore because it gives quite a high 
estimation of infiltration rate but is integrated into Type19 but is also 
available as a stand alone Type in TESS Type571 in the Utility Library. The 
other alternative that ASHRAE currently suggests is called the "Sherman 
Grimsrud" method. We implemented this method as well and I would be happy 
to send it to you if you would like. I am planning to post it as a free 
component on our website but haven't gotten to do so yet.
Kind regards,

At 06:12 1/10/2006, Enertech wrote:
>Dear TRNSYS Users,
>This message concern especially german building TYPE56 users.
>I’m going to model a "15 kWh passiv haus", the first real project of this 
>type in France (!!!).
>I don’t know how to estimate the airchange of infiltration of this type of 
>house. I know it will respect the german specification (0,6 vol/h at 50 
>Pa) but I don’t know how to traduct this value into “airchange of 
>infiltration”. Does someone have an idea ?
>Thanks a lot,
>Danke schön,
>tel-fax : 04 75 90 18 54
>Email : sidler at club-internet.fr
>Web  : http://sidler.club.fr
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