[TRNSYS-users] More than 100 nodes in Type 160?

bdo at stb.rwth-aachen.de bdo at stb.rwth-aachen.de
Wed Dec 6 02:22:52 PST 2006

Dear TRNSYS-Users,

frequently I have problems with the limitation of nodes in Type 160 
(FLOOR HEATING AND HYPOCAUST), therefore I would like to test the effect 
of a more detailed definition with more than 100 nodes. One aspect are 
the settings in type160_mod.for, but the problem remains that the upper 
and lower surface have fix identifiers of 100 and 101, thus I can not 
use these numbers for regular nodes.

Has anyone experiences regarding this problem?

Thanks for any comments.

Best Regards,

Bernd Döring.

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