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   The problem is with the variable limits in the Type56 proforma. What you 
need to do is open (double click on) the Type56 proforma in the Direct 
Access tool on the right hand side of the Studio screen (as opposed to 
double clicking on the Type56 icon in your project). Switch to the 
"Variables" tab and click the "Variables (Parameters, Inputs, Outputs, 
Derivatives)" button. Switch to the "Parameters" tab and modify the "Max." 
field of the second parameter (star network calculation switch) to be 100. 
Save your change and exit the proforma.

   The last slight complication is that when you change a proforma, your 
change is NOT reflected in your projects. You have to open your project, 
click once on the Type56 icon, and select "Replace" from the "Edit" menu 
and browse to find Type56. This replaces the proforma in your project with 
the proforma that you modified.

Kind regards,

At 08:27 4/27/2006, ahmed daoud wrote:
>Dear Monika,
>in the manual it is written:
>Specific zones may be calculated with combined convective and radiative 
>heat surface coefficients. The No. of zones with star network calculation 
>is given by Abs(PAR(2))-100,
>counting from the first specified zone. The following zones are calculated 
>with surface film coefficients (HFRONT/HBACK, HINSIDE/HOUTSIDE) as 
>combined heat
>transfer coefficients. Values of PAR(2) below 1 indicate one calculation 
>of star network per simulation, above and equal 1 -> Calculation of star 
>network every time-step.
>As I am understanding to specify to trnsys not to use the star network in 
>my simulation I must specify a PAR(2)=100 but this parameter dosn't accept 
>an integer > 1.
>Can you please explain me?
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