[TRNSYS-users] pv tracking mode 2

Diego A. Arias daarias at wisc.edu
Tue Apr 25 15:22:52 PDT 2006

Dear Javier,

I can help you with your second question, although I do not know if I 
fully understand it.  In tracking mode 2, the module has a constant 
slope, and the azimuth used by the tracker is the solar azimuth angle.  
Therefore, the input 'Azimuth of surface' is not used during the 
I hope this helps.  I will appreciate if someone with more expertise on 
the design of solar arrays can help Javier with the first question.
Best regards,


javier mota wrote:
> Dear all:
> I am javier mota nfrom 3i.
> may suppose  tracking mode 2; vertical axis.
> weather: albacete, spain
> i have fouund taht optimal slope is 55º to get maximum radiation.
> But i have read that Usual values for slope are: slope=latitud to 
> optimize pv electriciy generation with one tracking vertical axis or 
> even values for spain=30º
> Latitud albacete=38º
> may i think that for a pv installation, with a lot of pv trackers, 55º 
> is the optimun angle?
> And a second thing, in mode trackin 2 : the angle is the angle between 
> the horizontal line, looking azimuth of the tracker and the a line 
> containd in the module wich joined the center of the tracker with tne 
> center of the horizontal lower line wich limits the rectangle of the 
> pv module?
> please look graphic .
> thanks in advance
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