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David Bradley bradley at tess-inc.com
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   Recently, a TRNSYS user submitted a component for a phase change storage 
tank that might be used for ice melting applications. I am not sure whether 
or not it has been checked and posted yet. Also, many years ago, I wrote a 
component that kept track of whether stagnant water in a pipe had frozen. 
In fact it is pretty hard to determine exactly how water in pipes freezes 
because there isn't a good way to model the way that ice crystals grow. 
However, this component kept track of the latent heat of fusion as the 
water cooled. The water was said to have frozen when the latent heat of 
fusion had been lost. I am not sure whether either of those would help in 
your application but please feel free to contact me and I would be happy to 
discuss further.
Kind regards,

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>Dear TRNSYS users,
>does anyone have an idea where I could find a component suited for ice 
>melting simulations?  The idea is to simulate ice melting for water supply 
>of an antarctic base.  It's still undefined whether we will do it 
>electrically or thermally, so suggestions for both methods are welcome.
>Thanks in advance,
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