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David Bradley bradley at tess-inc.com
Wed Nov 30 08:29:09 PST 2005

   I think that the hot side outlet temperature of your heat exchanger 
should be connected to the chilled water inlet temperature of Type107, not 
to the cooling water inlet temperature. There are two water streams that go 
through the absorption chiller. The chilled water stream comes back from 
your load and is cooled down to the set point temperature. The cooling 
water stream enters the absorption chiller and is heated up with the energy 
rejected from the chilled water stream.

   One other note: if you are using Type5 as a water to air heat exchanger, 
particularly one that cools air, don't forget to put a Type33 
(psychrometrics) on the outlet of Type5. As inputs to Type33, use the dry 
bulb temperature coming from the Type5 outlet and the absolute humidity 
ratio of the air at the inlet to Type5. Take the relative humidity 
calculated by Type33 and give it back to Type56 as the relative humidity of 
the supply air.

Kind regards,

At 06:29 11/30/2005, apalmero at fe.up.pt wrote:
>Dear users,
>  I am using Trnsys 16. I am connecting the Type 107 (absorption chiller) 
> to the
>Type 56 (multizone building) for obtaining the total energy consumed for
>cooling. I connected an air to water heat exchanger (Type 5) between Type 107
>and Type 56. My problem is in the inputs of the Type 107. I did the next:
>   Hot side outlet temperature (Type 5)  ->cooling water inlet temperature 
> (Type
>   Chilled water temperature (Type 107)->cold side inlet temp. (Type 5)
>   Cold side outlet (Type 5) ->T_Cool_ON (input) (Type 56)
>   Air temperature of zone (Type 56) ->hot side inlet temp. (Type 5)
>  But I don't know what I do with the input "Chilled water inlet temperature"
>(Type 107).
>   Can you help me?
>Thank you
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