[TRNSYS-users] type 109 on mode tracking 4

javier mota fjmi_3i at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 16 02:10:57 PST 2005

Halo :I am javier mota from 3i-ingeniera, madrid.
I was working a very simple program: type 109 and output plotter
I generate weather data for albacete, a city in spain, with meteonorm.
I was looking radiation on horizontal and radition on tileded surface on 
mode tracking 4.
I expectes total radiation on tilded surface would be always greater than 
total radiation on horizontal
But I have found:
hour          temp ºC  rad_horiz_W  rad_mode_4
608.25	-3.62	0.00	0.00
608.50	-3.58	0.91	0.56
608.75	-3.45	15.62	9.90
609.00	-3.24	35.67	79.22
would be anything wrong?
thanks in advance.

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