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Dear Daniel,  if you are using TRNSYS 15, the problem may be in the 
placement of the equation. In TRNSYS 16 you can place equations wherever 
you want to in the input file but in TRNSYS 15 and before, you have to make 
sure that your equation only refers to variables that have already been 
defined. In TRNSYS 15 you cannot have a pair of equations such as:

AVariable = MyVariable + 400.
MyVariable = 15.

you must have them in the order:

MyVariable = 15.
AVariable = MyVariable + 400.

If you are using TRNSYS 16, it is a little harder to guess why you are 
getting the error and I would suggest contacting your distributor with the 
specifics of your input file.
Kind regards,

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>Hy everybody !!
>I've got a little problem with an equation !!!
>I always get the error message "unrecognized Name or bad Data card "
>Can anybody tell me why I always get this error message independent of the 
>content of this equation !
>Thanks in Advance
>Mit freundlichen Grüssen / Kind regards
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