javier mota fjmi_3i at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 14 08:25:28 PST 2005

hi, haw are you?.
I am javier mota from 3i-ingenieria madrid.
I ´m working with type 109, which works with tmy2 format.
I have seen that this format refers to solar time.
We have simulated a phtovoltaitic instalation and energy should be sold to 
the electrical net.
According to this, it seems prices depend on the time of the day.
Well, i must convert the results from this simulation from solar time, 
refered to tmy2, am I ok?
to legal time in my country.
So I think that i must add an hour or two from the output time in trnsys 
according to UTC depending saving time.And I think i must not worry about 
the local time, things like ecuation of time and so on, in relation to local 
time. Am I ok?
thanks in advance.

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