[TRNSYS-users] run time-error

Edward Halawa Edward.Halawa at unisa.edu.au
Thu Nov 3 18:27:12 PST 2005

Dear Julio,

If use FORTRAN, you can trace the error if you run the deck file from FORTRAN Development Environment (or Developer Studio). If you currently run the file from IISIBat, then in the IISIBat you can create the deck file by clicking on "Calculate" menu and then "Create Input File".

In the FORTRAN Developer Studio, open (upload) the TRNLIB worskpace which lists all the subroutines required to create the TRNLIB.DLL. Then click on "Project" menu and then on "Settings ...". On the Project Settings displayed, click the "Debug".

In the input box below the "Program arguments:", write down the name of deck file you created in IISiBat, like the following:

Then click on the name of the subroutine which you think contains the "sqrt" function, and  mark the line which contains this function by pressing F9. Then start debug your program by clicking F5, F10 or F11 (Detailed information available from (FORTRAN Studio)). 

(Note: The in the error message displayed, you should be able to see the subroutine and the line number where the error occurred).

The above should work for TRNSYS version 15.


E. Halawa

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I'm trying to run a simulation in Trnsys 15, but before finishing an error 
window pops up. It says:

run-time error M6201: MATH

and a list with information about several files involved (image, PC, 
routine, line, source).

I suppose it finds somewhere a negative argument in any square root, but I 
have no idea of where the problem could be.
Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.


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