[TRNSYS-users] type 16 i radiation processor

javier mota fjmi_3i at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 3 01:08:11 PST 2005

Dear all:
I am Javier Mota from 3i-ingenieria Madrid.
I think i have a problem with radiation processor type 16i.
We buy to inm(instituto nacional de meteorologia)in spain radiation data 
from zaragoza, a city in spain..
Zaragoza time zone is +1.0hr.Its longitude is 1.01West.
So I introduce in parameter 7, shift in solar time, 16.01 and parameter 9, 
solar time takes value 1; in this way i consider parameter 7 effect.
With this data in the radiation procesor and reading values from data 
reader, global radiation on horizontal and diffuse radiation on horizontal I 
get results: not even a message advertising that radiation limit has been 
exceeded.But when i have plot azimuth and zenith , i found that azimuth and 
zenith doesn´t match: I send a graphic.
But if i introduce -16.01 in parameter 7, azimth and zentith in radiation 
processor type16
and type 109 match better,case 2,But i too have got  a lot of messages 
advertising that radiation limnit has been exceed.
What is the correct data.Shoul i be careful with radiation data from inm, 
what way?
Thank you in advance:

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