[TRNSYS-users] False ceiling

Arie Kalkman a.kalkman at chri.nl
Wed May 18 00:06:36 PDT 2005


Usually, I use the two-zone solution to model a false ceiling.
It depends of course on your modelling purpose.
If you just need the thermal resistance to the thermal mass of the ceiling, 
you might as well replace the plenum by a massless layer with the proper 
thermal resistance.
If the plenum is used for ventilation to/from the room, or if you want to 
know the temperature in the plenum itself, I think the two-zone model is 

regards, Arie

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Onderwerp:	[TRNSYS-users] False ceiling

Dear TRNSYS users,

I need to define in TRNBUILD a building with a single thermal zone and a 
false ceiling (green colour in the attachment). I think I can model it 
using two thermal zone (the living space and the false ceiling), but in DOE 
I have an option (plenum) that make the definition simpler. Does exist in 
TRNSYS something of analogous?


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