[TRNSYS-users] Bug in TYPE74

David Bradley [SEL] dbradley at engr.wisc.edu
Mon Jun 27 10:09:25 PDT 2005

Dear Fernando,
  The line


is correct. The point of the line is to handle the case in which there 
is more than one instance of Type74 in the simulation. The variable 
INFO(1) is always the current instance's UNIT number (specified in the 
input file). At each time that the Type is called, the value of INFO(1) 
is stored as a local variable. In this way, if ever INFO(1) and IUNIT do 
not have the same value, then it can only be because a different 
instance of the component has been simulated. If a different instance 
has been simulated, then the component's parameters should be reread and 
reset to local variables.

In December 2004, a bug fix was made in that component. If your version 
does not have the comment:

C  12/02/2004 - JWT - Fixed an error with storing variables and added 
the first call to Tau_Alpha

in the "Revision History" near the top of the file Type74.for then you 
should contact your distributor to get the latest version.
Kind regards,

Fernando Domínguez Muñoz wrote:

>Dear all,
>I think I have found a bug in TYPE74 (parabolic concentrator solar
>Where says (Line 207):
>Should said:
>      IF(INFO(1).NE.IUNIT) GO TO 60
>Best regards.
>Fernando Domínguez Muñoz
>University of Málaga (Spain)
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