[TRNSYS-users] Range check error and error 103

David Bradley [SEL] dbradley at engr.wisc.edu
Mon Jul 25 09:30:02 PDT 2005

Dear Antonio,
  The bit of code that you included looks correct so the problem must 
lie elsewhere. The best I can suggest is that you run your input file 
from your compiler's development studio and step through your component 
one line at a time so as to determine what line the problem occurs on. 
You can not only step into a subroutine but also step over a subroutine. 
If the problem comes either inside RCHECK or inside TYPECK, then we can 
look in more depth at the arguments.

  One possible cause of the problem is that I believe TRNSYS 14.2 was 
the first version in which all "RETURN" statements had to be changed to 
"RETURN 1" in order to make use of a TRNSYS kernal feature that was 
added. You might go through your component and make sure that there are 
no left over RETURN statements since those would cause error 103.  One 
last bit of advice - components are not supposed to do anything when 
INFO(7) = -1 except to initialize themselves. Therefore, it is 
recommended that you put a RETURN 1 statement right after your call to 
Kind regards,

Antonio Aguirre Glez. de San Pedro wrote:

>Hi David and all:
>I'll tell you what I have done and how I found that error:
>	Type 140, as you say, is a non-standard component.
>	The fortran code for the component was photocopied for me at
>University so that I can do my project, but the code was done in
>	From what I read in TRNSYS 15 manual, YCHECK, OCHECK and RCHECK
>subroutines have to be added from version 14.1, so it's not included
>in the code list I have.
>	I have followed the steps indicated in the manual so that the code is
>coherent with TRNSYS 15.
>	For RCHECK, this is what I have done, but it doesn't seem to work properly.
>	In my opinion, both errors – range check and 103- are due to
>malfunction of this subroutine.
>	I hope you can enlighten me so that I can finish my project. Thanks
>David and all of  you in the group:
>	Antonio Aguirre Glez. de San Pedro
>The component is a tank whth 7 inputs, 16 outputs, 26 parameters and
>no derivate variable
>      DATA YCHECK/'TE1','MF1','TE1','MF1','KT1','VS2','TE1'/
>      DATA OCHECK/'TE1','MF1','TE1','MF1','PW1','PW1','PW1','EN1','EN1',
>     1            'EN1','EN1','PC1','PC1','PC1','TE1','TE1'/
>      IF(INFO(7).EQ.-1) THEN
>      ENDIF
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