[TRNSYS-users] HELP for Windiw5 and trnsys glass Lib

Pietro Filippi P.Filippi at niering.it
Wed Feb 16 04:05:12 PST 2005

dear all,
I am trying to export a new window glass from Window5/Optic5 softwares
to Trnsys (Prebid) window library (as in W4-lib), in order to have some
glasses more available. I tryed to export a glass in different formats
but I get different data as I find in the file W4-lib, expecially I
refer to the different solar absorptions according to the radiation
incidence angle. 
- so, how to export a glass properly?
another question:
- does anybody know how to deal with the standards in Window5? see the
menu FILE/Preference -> Optical Data tab...what actually the selected
standard have influence on? 
waiting for some hints
best regards
Ing. Pietro Filippi
Nier Ingegneria SpA
Via Altabella 3, 40126 Bologna
tel: +39 051234359
fax: +39 051239530
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