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A few weeks ago, I suggested the following documentation (on another forum, me thinks):

Abushakra B., Sreshthaputra A., Haberl J. and Claridge D.E. (2001) "Compilation of diversity factors and schedules for energy and cooling load calculations" American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers RP-1093.

Claridge D.E., Abushakra B., Haberl J. and Sreshthaputra A. (2004) "Electricity Diversity Profiles for Energy Simulation of Office Buildings" ASHRAE Transactions 110(1).

Beware: lighting diversity profiles suggested by ASHRAE-RP-1093 apply to core zones, not peripheral zones subjected to natural illuminance ...

Lighting power densities of 10-15 W/m² make sense in open-plan office areas; 15-20 W/m² would likely apply to cellular offices ...

Hope this helps,

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  Hi to all!
  I urgently need (people always do messy works...) internal gains for lights in a public office. I suppose fluorescent types are normally used. I imagined something like 10W/m2 with 40% convective power. Is it reasonable?
  If somebody then has some article or links as Hilde and Denis sent about gains from PC and monitors (many thanks to you a-"gain"...ah,ah...) it would be the best...
  best regards

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