[TRNSYS-users] Writing to external files with TYPES defined inexternal DLLs

Todd Houstein toddh at utas.edu.au
Wed Feb 2 19:16:40 PST 2005

Fixed! Thanks Michaël.

- Todd

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> I am trying to write to an external file in a TYPE that I am developing. I
> am using TRNSYS16 and CVF6.6, and am building the TYPE in an external DLL.
> have been able to write to any external file except for the UNIT's
> external file (as specified by the ASSIGN statement in the TRNSYS deck
> file).

This looks very much like the problem that was described by another user
(INQUIRE statement fails). Here is my answer again:


Typical symptoms:
You assign a file in the TRNSYS input file and that file seems to be
inaccessible to user-Types compiled in an external DLL.
- An "Inquire" statement tells you that the Logical Unit is not
associated to a file
- Attempts to write to / read from the file create "fort.nnn" (where nnn
is the logical unit)

If a TRNSYS Type uses a file that is opened and closed by the kernel
(i.e. a file managed through an "ASSIGN" statement in the deck, or an
"External File" in a Studio proforma), the logical unit is associated to
the actual file in TRNDll. If a Type that accesses the file is compiled
into a separate DLL in UserLib:
- Both DLL's must be linked to the DLL form of the Fortran run-time
libraries. Use "/libs:dll" in the command line, or set "Project
Settings\Fortran\Libraries" to "Single-threaded DLL" in the Visual
Studio ("Debug Single-threaded DLL" for debug configuration).
- Furthermore, all DLL's must be compiled in the same mode (Debug or
Release). Note that by default TRNSYS is shipped with a Release
TRNDll.dll, but a Debug DLL is available in "\Compilers\Cvf66\TRNDll\Debug".

Please let us know if this fixes your problem.

Michaël Kummert


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