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David Bradley [SEL] dbradley at engr.wisc.edu
Mon Apr 11 11:38:19 PDT 2005

  The TRNSYS input file has a number of sytax requirements. One of those 
requirements is a statement that says


anything beyond that statement is ignored by the input file processor. 
If you look in your input file and there is already an "END" statement 
present then TRNSYS has most likely interpreted the END statement to be 
an equation name or a printer label. If you are unable to determine the 
cause of the error, you should contact your distributor . If you are not 
sure who to contact, please send your user ID number to me by emailing 
dbradley at engr.wisc.edu

Kind regards,

Samuel GALLOT wrote:

>Good morning,
>I am a french student. Actually, i use TRNSYS 15 during my training period.
>I try to resolve a mistake without success. So i would like to have your
>help to understand the error TRNSYS number 32: "end of file found before
>'end' statement".
>What does it mean exactly?...
>Thank you for your answer.
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