[TRNSYS-users] Controlling of the main solar circle pump and of the starting circle pump

hafner hafner at hoki.ibp.fhg.de
Tue Oct 26 05:18:13 PDT 2004

Dear users,

many solar collector systems have two pumps . the main  solar circle 
pump, which causes an flow rate over the heat exchanger and the starting 
circle pump ,
which causes an flow rate over an bypass pipe . So the starting pumps 
starts , if the temperture difference(1) is big enough. if the 
temperature in the bypass pipe is
nearly the collector out temperature (controlling temperature difference 
2) , the solar circle pumps starts, and the starting pump should stop. 
So if the temperture difference (1) is lower x ,than the solar pump 
should stop.
So the controling difference is the start condition for the first 
pump,and the stop condition for the second pump.
What is your solution for this ,and does it make sence to simulate this.
Thanks Flo

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