[TRNSYS-users] about Type94

vito.matarrese at inwind.it vito.matarrese at inwind.it
Mon Oct 25 00:09:55 PDT 2004


working with PV system I observed there is perfect proportionality between the number of PV panels and annual output of energy.
I'm disconcerted, and the losses?
There are some problems, it's clear.

 I have a grid connected PV system, I didn't add the load because it's not important to my application, there is only the inverter (Type48) but Type 94 ask an input, the third, that is the load voltage, in this case is it the sum of the voltage of the PV models connected in series or is it a particular value linked to the inverter (but the inverter brochure doesn't give it)?

kind regards and thank you in advance.


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