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Michaël Kummert kummert at engr.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 18 12:38:42 PDT 2004

> can anyone help me with the shade of a vertical field of PV panels?
> The field is tilted of 90 degrees while each collector is tilted of 30 degrees both in the direction of the array azimuth.
> There's a problem, if the field is tilted of 90 degrees the type 30 doesn't work and the manual is not helpful.

If I understand correctly your PV modules "hang" from a vertical wall 
and have a tilt angle of 30 degrees from the horizontal (70 degrees from 
the wall).
Type 30 is not intended for such configurations, the shading effect is 
completely different than it is for a large field of collectors on a 
flat or slightly tilted field.
In your case, I suggest that you use Type34 to model an overhang that 
has the same dimensions as the horizontal projection of one module.  If 
you select the dimensions and position of the overhang carefully, I 
believe you can obtain the same shading effect as the one of one module 
over the one immediately under it. You would then have to apply that 
shading to the appropriate number of rows in your simulation.

Please note that what Dave said about PV shading still applies: Type 34 
will calculate a global shading fraction for the module area, which is 
appropriate for windows or thermal collectors but not for PV modules 
where the shading effect depends on the shading on each individual cell 
and the electrical connections within in the module.

I hope this helps,
Michaël Kummert

> thenk you.
> Vito
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