[TRNSYS-users] fuel cells/electrolyser

George Kyriakarakos gk at aua.gr
Wed Oct 13 00:36:43 PDT 2004

Dear all,

> 2) Purchase the electrolyser and conduct the experiments yourself (which 
> is
> very expensive, and for me it defeats the purpose as I am using modeling 
> in
> order to work out which electrolyser to use).

That's exactly what I am doing also, trying to size my system as efficiently 
as possible before I actually get the system

> One question before I go: What inputs and outputs do you require from the
> model? At this stage I think my only input will be input power (kW), and
> the outputs will be hydrogen production rate (Nm3/h), oxygen production
> rate (Nm3/h) and water consumption rate (L/h).

That's where I am right now. Also there is an advantage here cause this way 
there is no restriction on whether you are using an alcaline electrolyser or 
a PEM one. Also if you assume that you have the electrolyser coupled on a 
DC-DC converter (I am working with a DC electrolyser) the effciency then 
doesn't flunctuate so much from the given efficiency as a parameter.

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