[TRNSYS-users] a simple question for you

vito.matarrese at inwind.it vito.matarrese at inwind.it
Mon Oct 4 01:56:15 PDT 2004

Good morning,
I have a DHW system with external exchanger and external auxiliary heater, so I modeled a Type 60c (TRNSYS 15) with a maximum heating rate (both heater) of 0 W, but I cannot set 0 the number of internal exchanger in fact it gives me an error message, so I have to set 0 the length and the surface of it. There is another option, using the Type 60cnoheat and setting 0 the power of both heater.
I studied the Dayan thesis too as an example but I don't understaend yet.
Can you help me?

Thank you in advance,


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