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Michaël Kummert kummert at engr.wisc.edu
Fri Nov 5 07:49:34 PST 2004

> Is it possible to import optimization subroutine developed in fortran to 
> ISSiBAT envionment like other user modeled subroutines. Or otherwise, is 
> there any modules available for optimization in TRNSYS, if so from where 
> to get one. Please help.

I am not sure what you mean by "import in the IISiBat environment". In 
order to use a Fortran routine in TRNSYS, you first have to create a 
TRNSYS Type that "wraps around the routine" and respects the TRNSYS 
conventions for intputs, outputs and parameters.  Then you can create a 
proforma ("IISiBat component") which will allow you to use that 
component in IISiBat projects.

Often people want to perform parameter optimization using a whole 
simulation (e.g. run a yearly simulation of a solar system and find the 
optimum collector area). In that case I don't think you really want to 
create a TRNSYS component, you probably want a program that will call 
TRNSYS repeatedly with different parameters and find the best 
combination. GenOpt is the ideal candidate for such applications. You 
can download GenOpt documentation and program free of charge from the 
LBL website (http://simulationresearch.lbl.gov/GO/).
You will need to edit a few configuration files in order to get GenOpt 
to work with TRNSYS. Another option is to use TrnOpt, a special program 
that takes care of all the tweaking for you. TrnOpt is sold by TESS 
(www.tess-inc.com) and is available for TRNSYS 15 (for a slightly 
outdated GenOpt version) and 16 (for the latest GenOpt version).

I hope this helps,

Michaël Kummert


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