[TRNSYS-users] If statement

Melanie Schwab mts919 at mail.usask.ca
Tue Nov 2 13:21:51 PST 2004

Dear TRNSYS users

Is it possible to add an IF statement in the IISiBat window?  What I am 
trying to do is compare two temperatures.  I want to say, if the 
temperature of the air coming out of the heat exchanger is colder than 
the dew point temperature then the relative humidity will be a certain 
value, otherwise it will be a different value.  I tried doing this 
using an equation component but it did not recoginze the IF statement.  

I am also wondering if there is an existing component that can be used 
for flow control.  I would like to be able to change the amount of 
reheat being used based on the temperature in the room, as well as the 
amount of air being supplied to each room.  So far I have only been 
able to accomplish this with a fan.  Because I am using a building with 
many different rooms I have had to use a lot of fans.  I would like, if 
possible, to avoid using a lot of fans.  

Thank you for your time.

 Melanie Schwab

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