[TRNSYS-users] did not found TRNLIB.DLL

David Bradley bradley at tess-inc.com
Mon Jun 28 07:11:37 PDT 2004

Dear Fernando,
   There are a few things that might cause this error. One is that if the 
DLL is quite big (5+ MB) it can fail to be loaded on some Windows 98 
machines. I noticed this particularly on some laptops and while I do not 
know exactly the cause, I suspect that is has something to do with 
available RAM or virtual memory. If you are able to try and install the DLL 
on another machine (perhaps one with Windows 2000 or later) and it works, 
this is likely the problem. The second possibility is that your trnlib.dll 
file was partially or fully compiled in a debugging mode and is looking for 
other DLLs that it cannot find. These might be dforrt.dll, dforrtd.dll, 
msvcrt.dll or msvcrtd.dll. I believe that in Windows98 you can right click 
on a DLL and select "Quick View" and you will be able to see a list of the 
DLLs that trnlib.dll is trying to load. You can then search for those DLLs 
and determine which one you are missing, then contact your distrubutor for 
a copy of that DLL.
Kind regards,

At 08:42 AM 6/27/2004 +0000, Fernando Domínguez Muñoz wrote:
>Dear TRNSYS users,
>I get the error message "did not found TRNLIB.DLL" when I try to run the 
>trnsys executable file trnsys.exe, but the dynamic library is in 
>\trnsys15. I´ve also recompile it and even install again the TRNSYS, but 
>the problem persist. My operating system is Windows98 (first edition). 
>Could anyone help me?
>Thank you in advance.
>Fernando Domínguez Muñoz
>Universidad de Nálaga (Spain)
>Descarga gratis la Barra de Herramientas de MSN 
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