[TRNSYS-users] CVF file for version 16

Michaël Kummert kummert at engr.wisc.edu
Thu Dec 9 08:20:44 PST 2004

> Would it be possible to get a  link.cvf   file  for version 16?
> Thaanks

I am not sure why you want to use a link file. If you are using CVF 
6.6B, you can use the workspace that is included with TRNSYS (in 
Compilers\Cvf66). That workspace has all the correct settings and will 
provide you with many interesting debugging features.
If you are not using CVF 6.6B, then you will not be able to recompile 
the main DLL (TRNDll.dll) anyway, because some of the multi-DLL features 
require that version of the compiler.
As we already mentioned to this list, this does not prevent you from 
adding your components with a different compilers, you just have to 
include them in an external DLL (no need to recompile TRNDll).
If you really want to use the command line instead of the visual Studio 
to recompile TRNDll with CVF 6.6B, you will find a list of all the 
options in the "TRNDll.plg" files in Compilers\Cvf66\TRNDll (for best 
results, open the file in a web browser and then just copy/paste as text).

The structure of the file is as follows:

---Configuration: TRNDll - Win32Release---

Command Lines

Creating temporary file "C:\...\LOCALS~1\Temp\RSP16B.tmp" with contents
/browser:"Release/" /check:arg_temp_created /check:bounds /check:format 
/check:power /check:output_conversion /check:overflow /check:underflow 
/compile_only /define:"TRNSYS_MULTI_DLL" /define:"TRNSYS_WIN32" 
/fpconstant /fpe:0 /fpscomp:general /iface:nomixed_str_len_arg 
/iface:cref /dll /nologo /traceback /warn:nofileopt /module:"Release/" 
"C:\Program Files\Trnsys16\SourceCode\Types\Type109.f90"
"C:\Program Files\Trnsys16\SourceCode\Kernel\TrnsysConstants.f90"
"C:\Program Files\Trnsys16\SourceCode\Kernel\TrnsysData.for"
"C:\Program Files\Trnsys16\SourceCode\Kernel\TrnsysFunctions.f90"
"C:\Program Files\Trnsys16\SourceCode\Types\Type97.for"
"C:\Program Files\Trnsys16\SourceCode\Types\Type96.for"
"C:\Program Files\Trnsys16\SourceCode\Types\Type95.for"
"C:\Program Files\Trnsys16\SourceCode\Kernel\Algebra.for"

Creating temporary file "C:\...\Temp\RSP16C.tmp" with contents
kernel32.lib /nologo /subsystem:windows /dll /incremental:no 
/pdb:"Release/TRNDll.pdb" /machine:I386 /nodefaultlib:"msvcrtd.lib" 
/out:"Release/TRNDll.dll" /implib:"Release/TRNDll.lib"

(Please note that you may have to "refresh" that PLG file by doing a 
rebuild in the visual studio to adapt it to your own install directory 
and to have the right configuration (typically the distribution will 
include the "release" configuration because that is the last one that 
was compiled.

You can copy/paste the part between the first brackets into a text file 
(e.g. CompileList.txt) and the part between the second pair of brackets 
into another text file (e.g. LinkList.txt) and then run:

df @CompileList.txt
link @LinkList.txt

which should give you the same results as the visual studio. Another 
option is to export a makefile from the workspace and use that makefile 
from the command line (please refer to the CVF documentation for more 

I hope this helps,

Michaël Kummert


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