[TRNSYS-users] Invalid floating point operation with TYPE56

Xavier García Casals xavi at dfc.icai.upco.es
Thu Dec 9 02:10:02 PST 2004

I am getting an 'Invalid floating point operation' error on a project with TYPE 56 ( still TRNSYS15...). The building has 18 thermal zones. Everything goes OK evaluating heating loads, but as soon as I try to manage the cooling loads (Ntype31) within IISiBat together with the heating demands (NType30) the 'Invalid floating point operation' aborts the simulation at the very beguining. Since I had no problem with buildings involving less thermal zones, and I really can not track the origin of the error (no reported in list file), I was wondering whether there was a limit of outputs to be managed by TYPE56+IISiBat. Any hint?
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