[Trace-users] Ventilation VAV

Keith Swartz KSwartz at seventhwave.org
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You can override the baseline ventilation to match the proposed. In the “Options” tab of “Create Systems” click on the “Advanced Options” in the upper right.

[cid:image003.jpg at 01D088E1.CB0CD7A0]

The “System-Level Ventilation Overrides” section is in the lower right. Unfortunately the entry is not cfm but % of peak design fan airflow.
[cid:image004.jpg at 01D088E1.CB0CD7A0]

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Hi Oscar,

If you followed the manual for BOTH the proposed and baseline and implemented the same std 62.1 parameters in both, ironically, that's what should happen i. The critical ventilation changes as a result of the alterations in the baseline's envelope and internal loads. This of course impacts the total system ventilation.

Most likely,  you want to 1) ensure that your proposed ventilation matches the design ventilation (which should match with std 62)

2) set room by room ventilation in the baseline to match exactly with the room ventilations of the proposed. I am pretty sure TRACE does this when you select "New ASHRAE 90.1 baseline"

Of course, I'm just guessing on your baseline setup,



On Thu, May 7, 2015 at 2:52 PM, Oscar Buchely <obuchely at ses-ingenieria.com<mailto:obuchely at ses-ingenieria.com>> wrote:

I am modelling a VAV systems in base line and proposed models for LEED certification purpose. Even though I followed the Trace 700 user manual steps for introducing 62.1 air flows I don't get the same Nom Vent  in the system check sums report for the baseline and proposed system?.



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