[Simergy-users] Systems - Zone HVAC Group error

Tobias Maile Tobias.Maile at DigitalAlchemyPro.com
Fri Oct 2 14:13:01 PDT 2015

Hi Aaron,

it is difficult to say without seeing your model or a screenshot. Does 
your Zone HVAC Group contain any components? If yes which ones?

If you sent me your file, I can help with more detailed suggestions.



On 10/1/2015 9:34 PM, Aaron Wascher wrote:
> I’m having difficulty tracking down an error that prevents the 
> simulation from running.  On Zone HVAC Group, the Geometry column has 
> a red X, and says that “The equipment configuration has not been 
> defined for this Zone HVAC Group.
> What steps do I take to resolve this?  The rest of the simulation is 
> all green checkmarks.  When I validate each part of the model, it has 
> no issues.
> I am using Simergy Pro 64-bit and EnergyPlus 8.0.0 Build 008.
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