[Ibpsausa] Student Scholarship to attend the IBPSA Conference in Chambery, France in August 2013

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Student Scholarship to attend the IBPSA Conference in Chambery, France

IBPSA-USA is pleased to offer a series of student scholarships to attend the IBPSA Building Simulation Conference in Chambery, France in August 2013. Share your research and meet potential employers and peers!

To participate, contribute at least three pages to the BEMBook wiki (http://bembook.ibpsa.us). Contributions to the BEMBook wiki done in collaboration with your University faculty advisor are encouraged.

IBPSA-USA offers up to 7 student scholarships for US-$ 1500 each to attend the IBPSA Building Simulation Conference.


·       Participants must be students during the Fall 2012 or Spring 2013 or Fall 2013 semester at a University in the USA.

·       Participants need not be authors of a paper for the IBPSA conference, but priority will be given to those who have a paper accepted.

·       The grant needs to be used to pay or offset expenses to attend the IBPSA conference in Chambery, France. Grants are not transferable.

How to Apply

Please prepare a document that contains the following information:

·       A letter stating your request to IBPSA-USA.

·       Your name, email address and affiliation.

·       State whether an abstract and a paper have been submitted to the Building Simulation Conference 2013 and what the acceptance status is.

·       If you have already graduated, state your graduation date and current form of employment.

·       Have the letter co-signed by an academic advisor.

·       List at least three permanent links to pages that you contributed. (A permanent link can be created using the "Permanent Link" text at the lower right corner of the BEMBook wiki.) See www.bembook.ibpsa.us/index.php?title=Getting_Started<http://www.bembook.ibpsa.us/index.php?title=Getting_Started> for guidance on creating a BEMBook page.

·       Attach your BS'2013 paper or an abstract describing your work and interests.

·       Attach a current CV.

·       Email your application as a single PDF file by March 15 2013 to ops at ibpsa.us<mailto:ops at ibpsa.us>.

Note that submission must be original work that cannot be governed by an existing license or copyright that prevents publication at http://www.bembook.ibpsa.us. See http://www.bembook.ibpsa.us/index.php?title=BEMBook_Content_License for the BEMBook license.

Award Process

·       IBPSA-USA will form a committee that rates the contributions based on quality, completeness and accuracy of the submission.

·       Up to 7 submissions will be selected for a travel award. Preference will be given to students who are co-authors of an accepted paper at the Building Simulation Conference 2013.

·       Scholarship reimbursements will be made at or after the conference upon submission of an expense claim with supporting receipts and certification that expenses have not been otherwise paid.  IBPSA-USA will specify the claim procedure to successful applicants. The maximum reimbursement is $1500 or actual expenses, whichever is less. Allowed expenses are travel, housing, and conference registration. IBPSA-USA will consider requests to make advance payments when after-the-fact reimbursement causes hardship.

Key dates

March 15 2013:   Entries need to be sent to ops at ibpsa.us<mailto:ops at ibpsa.us>. This is a firm deadline.

April 15 2013:      Participants will be informed whether they have been awarded the student scholarship

We hope to see you in Chambery, France.

Zheng O'Neill, PhD, PE
United Technologies Research Center
411 Silver Lane, MS 129-85 | East Hartford, CT 06108 USA
Ph: (860) 610-7331| Fax: (860) 622-6228

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