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To IBPSA-USA ... Jan Hensen asked me to circulate 
this to IBPSA-USA (forgive the cross postings)

Dear all,

This is just to make you aware of the recently 
published book “Building Performance Simulation 
for Design and Operation”  (Spon Press, London, 2011).

The book begins with an introduction to the 
concepts of performance indicators and targets, 
followed by a discussion on the role of building 
simulation in performance-based building design 
and operation. This sets the ground for in-depth 
discussion of performance prediction for energy 
demand, indoor environmental quality (including 
thermal, visual, indoor air quality and moisture 
phenomena), HVAC and renewable system 
performance, urban level modeling, building 
operational optimization and automation, and future outlook.

Produced in cooperation with IBPSA, and featuring 
contributions from 21 co-authors, this 536 pages 
book provides a unique and comprehensive overview 
of building performance simulation for the 
complete building life-cycle from conception to 
demolition. It is primarily intended for advanced 
students in building services engineering, and in 
architectural, environmental or mechanical 
engineering; and will be useful for building and 
systems designers and operators.

The table of contents is as follows:
Joe Clarke
Jan Hensen, Roberto Lamberts
Jan Hensen, Roberto Lamberts
Introduction to building performance simulation
Fried Augenbroe
The role of simulation in performance-based building
Chip Barnaby, Dru Crawley
Weather data for building performance simulation
Ardeshir Mahdavi
People in building performance simulation
Jeffrey Spitler
Thermal load and energy performance prediction
Jelena Srebric
Ventilation performance prediction
Christoph van Treeck
Indoor thermal quality performance prediction
Ardeshir Mahdavi
Room acoustics perfromance prediction
Christoph Reinhart
Daylight performance predictions
Jan Carmeliet, Bert Blocken, Thijs Defraeye, Dominique Derome
Moisture phenomena in whole building performance prediction
Jonathan Wright
HVAC systems performance prediction
Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
Micro-cogeneration system performance prediction
David Claridge
Building simulation for practical operational optimization
Gregor Henze, Christian Neumann
Building simulation in building automation systems
Darren Robinson
Integrated resource flow modelling of the urban built environment
Dru Crawley
Building simulation for policy support
Michael Wetter
A view on future building system modeling and simulation

The book is available from various retailers, 
such as 

You may also be interested in:
    * A link to the product page of the book 
which you can forward to anyone who might be 
interested in learning more about it: 

    * If you would like a PDF, or hard copies of 
a flyer with order form which can be circulated 
around your department or at any conferences you 
might be attending, we are more than happy to 
send this to you on request – simply  send an 
e-mail to <mailto:Samantha.Whyte at tandf.co.uk>Samantha.Whyte at tandf.co.uk
    * An examination copy request form at the 
following location – see 
for more details. You can send this to anyone who 
teaches a class in this area and would consider 
the book for use on their course. They can then 
fill this out to be sent a complimentary examination copy.
    * A library recommendation form at the 
following location – see 
for more details. You can fill this out for your 
own librarian and forward the link to interested 
parties who would like to see the book appear in their libraries as well
    * A review copy request form at the following 
location – see 
for more details. You can send this to anyone who 
would like a review copy of the book and have them fill it out to receive one.
Best regards,
Jan Hensen + Roberto Lamberts

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