[Equest-users] New to eQuest modeling - Adding HVAC systems

Mark Stout mark.stout at apolloenergiesinc.com
Sat Mar 21 12:13:40 PDT 2020

Hello group,

I'm using eQuest to model the energy use of a 40,000 ft² commercial
building that was once three separate internal spaces inside the same
building.  Over the years they consolidated into one building internally.
however the HVAC systems have been designed for each of the three spaces
prior to consolidation.  They now want to add solar and I've been asked to
model the current energy use and recommend upgrades to reduce their energy
use before they size the solar.  My goal is to redesign the entire air
distribution system and upgrade a subset of DX systems and eliminate the
others.  They are getting a new roof and I believe that will help air seal
the building reducing the stack effect such that then BTUs needed to heat
and cool the space will be reduced and their existing 14 units of varying
sizes totalling 100 tons of cooling can be reduced to maybe 60 tons.  How
do I model the 14 units?  As one HVAC system of 100 tons assigned to zones
or individual systems assigned to zones?

Kind Regards,
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