[Equest-users] Occupancy Scedules - 2 question

Nicholas Caton Nicholas.Caton at se.com
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One of my favorite tools (which used to be freely distributed, but is now surprisingly hard to find via Google…? ) for automating the creation and import of schedules is attached:  EMIT by RMI.

I commonly use this as a ‘translation’ tool between scheduled values I’ve come up with in another workbook and my eQuest model.  Afater a series of guided prompts, you’ll be presented with an empty table to enter your schedules at the minimum required resolution, and then with the click of a button it’ll quickly generate an INP text file you can import directly from the eQuest interface.

Two things can cause common trip ups however:

  1.  Be mindful when pasting in calculated values to be deliberate in rounding them to only 4-6 decimal places, first.
  2.  It’s often a good idea to open up the generated INP first before importing, to scan for any lines where the 80 character limit is exceeded.  If you catch that, just enter a linebreak somewhere following a comma to avoid unintended behavior or errors upon importing.


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Dear equest users,
thank you all for your previous answers.

I have following considerations.

1) When tryinq to import the Occupancy schedules in the Spreadsheet with copy paste from excel, it doesn't work. Athough the data is copied, then it is lost.

The only way to insert the scedules are from this tab.


Do you have any suggestions, about faster import of scedules?
Do you have come across the same issue in the spreadsheet tab?

2) How can I export the scedules I have already created in a .inp file to use them in another .inp file?

Thank you very much

Konstantina Kalliakoudi
Mechanical Engineer, Μ.sc

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