[Equest-users] Occupancy Schedules - 2 questions

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Question 1)
In order to paste multiple entries in spreadsheet mode, you will need to follow this procedure:

1)      Copy the entries to be pasted either from an excel spreadsheet or another eQUEST file so they are in the clipboard buffer.

2)      Select all cells in the destination range in eQUEST spreadsheet mode with left mouse button (cells go black)

3)      Ctrl-Shift-V to paste the clipboard buffer.

4)      Immediately hit Ctrl-C to copy this selected range.

5)      Ctrl-V to paste into the cells in eQUEST.

Question 2)
You can certainly import schedules or any other .inp “snippets” from another eQUEST file.  Open the source .inp file in a text editor (I like Notepad++ but any will do).

1)      Copy the pieces you want making sure to include the terminator (i.e. the two periods “..”) at the end of each command.  If you are copying schedules, make sure you have all corresponding WEEK and DAY schedules that comprise the annual schedule.

2)      Paste these elements into a blank text file and save it with a file type .inp.

3)      In eQUEST, File Import the .inp snippet file you just created.  This imports those elements into your working eQUEST file.

Note that you could also directly paste the .inp of the working file but I like the preprocessing checks that eQUEST does when it imports .inp snippets.



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Dear equest users,
thank you all for your previous answers.

I have following considerations.

1) When tryinq to import the Occupancy schedules in the Spreadsheet with copy paste from excel, it doesn't work. Athough the data is copied, then it is lost.

The only way to insert the scedules are from this tab.


Do you have any suggestions, about faster import of scedules?
Do you have come across the same issue in the spreadsheet tab?

2) How can I export the scedules I have already created in a .inp file to use them in another .inp file?

Thank you very much

Konstantina Kalliakoudi
Mechanical Engineer, Μ.sc

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