[Equest-users] Not able to model 13 chillers under one circulation-loop chilled water loop

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I have not run into this issue in the past. However, the error message suggests there is a limit to the number of chillers and/or other equipment that can be attached to any given circulation loop. That aside, I have an idea I wanted to share with you that may or may not fix your error issues.

Most loops are setup in an N+1 fashion; i.e. there is an extra piece of equipment installed on the loop incase a failure occurs. That way the process being served by the loop doesn’t lose it’s ability to serve it’s funciton when one of the chillers fails. If this is the case for your project, simply reduce the number of chillers on your loop to 10 (the maximum pieces of primary equipment per loop) and your model should run.

I hope this helps!

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Hello all,

I am facing problem when I try to model 13  chillers in water side HVAC and getting error while performing simulation.

I am getting error "For Circulation-Loop Chilled Water Loop. Maximum of ten attached primary  equipment units was exceeded."

Can anybody tell me that is there any limitation issues considering the chiller quantity in equest.

Please help me.

Nitin J Harjai

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