[Equest-users] LEED v4 Data center energy modelling

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Hi Vishal,
You might try posting to bldg-sim at lists.onebuilding.org<mailto:bldg-sim at lists.onebuilding.org> or LEEDuser<https://leeduser.buildinggreen.com/forums> for questions specific to the rating system. Then you can post to equest-users again if you have questions specific to eQUEST inputs.
I have not done a LEED V4 Datacenters project yet. There are four pages of guidance on Minimum Energy Performance for Datacenters in the LEED V4 Reference Guide for BD+C. Seems like you have to start there, with understanding those requirements. (I have not tried to understand them at this point, and can’t comment on the minimum three, and up to five model variations that are described.)
The energy simulation methodology generally follows ASHRAE 90.1-2010 PRM, as for other LEED V4 projects.


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Hi all Energy Modelers,

Hope everyone is doing well.

I have been working on Energy modeling for LEED ratings like NC, CS.

However this time I have come across LEED  V4 Datacenters rating in which the modeling strategy is quite different.

As far as the reference guidelines say I have to make three models (Model 1: Baseline with full IT loads, Model 2: Proposed with full IT loads, Model 3: Proposed with Initial IT loads). However the 5% mandatory savings mentioned has to be calculated by comparing models 1 and 2.

I have few queries which are bulleted below

•         I am not quite sure why is there a need for model 3. I guess it has to do something with PUE calculations. Can anyone help me out how model 3 will be used?

•         What is the intent behind PUE calculations? PUE values of which models are to be calculated and why?

•         What are the important points need to be followed for datacenter modeling?

Also I would like if anyone has any Methods/suggestions regarding the energy simulation methodology.

I would be using eQUEST for this purpose.

Eagerly waiting for reply

Thanks & Regards,

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