[Equest-users] LEED v4 Data center energy modelling

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Thu Jul 19 06:02:05 PDT 2018

Hi all Energy Modelers,

Hope everyone is doing well.

I have been working on Energy modeling for LEED ratings like NC, CS.

However this time I have come across *LEED  V4 Datacenters *rating in which
the modeling strategy is quite different.

As far as the reference guidelines say I have to make three models *(Model
1: Baseline with full IT loads, Model 2: Proposed with full IT loads, Model
3: Proposed with Initial IT loads).* However the 5% mandatory savings
mentioned has to be calculated by comparing models 1 and 2.

I have few queries which are bulleted below

·         I am not quite sure why is there a need for model 3. I guess it
has to do something with PUE calculations. Can anyone help me out how model
3 will be used?

·         What is the intent behind PUE calculations? PUE values of which
models are to be calculated and why?

·         What are the important points need to be followed for datacenter

Also I would like if anyone has any Methods/suggestions regarding the
energy simulation methodology.

I would be using eQUEST for this purpose.

Eagerly waiting for reply

Thanks & Regards,

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