[Equest-users] unmet heating load hours

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Agreed on all points.  Is 4 a typo?  I'd consider that a pretty darn comfortable building if not!

Adding some (unasked for) perspective:  Unmet hours do not always mean the model inputs/outputs are incorrect.   Real buildings are not always comfortable, and expectations/thresholds of comfort for occupants are not static/binary.  On the flip side of the coin:  a "correct" model (approaching calibrated reality in behavior) might attract my critical eye if it's reporting absolutely zero unmet hours in the baseline / proposed case.  Then again... I work a lot on buildings with comfort issues to resolve, so maybe that's just par for the course!

The airside summary reports are where I'd start to help isolate the exact zone(s) reporting this (tiny) number of unmet hours, spatially & by system.  The detailed reports can from there inform you what time of day those hours occur, and if need be you can dig into hourly custom reports to drill down whether the source is in system capacities (airflow, heating), system operations (see schedules, night cycling inputs, lockouts), unrealistic internal/envelope loads, or else due to the need for thermostat tweaks (setpoint/setback schedules, building warmup, whether a thermostat should be in the zones of concern to start with...).  I'd spitball 9 times out of 10 it's some combination of those issues for of unmet hours in relatively small quantities.

As an option, you can share a copy of your project with the list also and potentially gather some others' hands-on perspectives.  Include the INP + PD2, and indicate the climate/weather location as well if it isn't referenced from doe2.com.  Include the PRD if parametric runs feed into your concerns.


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Four hours doesn't seem unreasonable...you are referring to a requirement to not have more unmet hours in the proposed than the baseline?

My suggestion is to take a look and see when these hours are occurring to try and find a common theme -  what's the occupancy then, time of day where the spurious hours could be at start-up or later in the main shift, or during a lightly occupied time?

This might lead you to identify an equipment capacity constraint or else a tweak to the control scheme in use for the zone(s).


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I have a Costco warehouse equest model with 4 unmet heating load hours in my proposed model with zero in my baseline budget model.  I need to be able to tweak my model to get rid of these unmet load hours but minor tweaks don't seem to make a difference.  Could there be something wrong with the model that results in having a few unmet load hours that are hard to get rid of?

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