[Equest-users] Supply Air Temp Reset Interpretation Please...?

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I had always assumed temperature first but reading the PNNL 90.1-2010 Performance Rating Method Reference Manual, 3.121 (pdf page 151), it states “For systems 5 through 8, the air temperature for cooling shall be reset higher by 5°F under the minimum cooling load conditions using a reset by warmest zone, airflow first strategy.”

The manual states that the airflow first strategy minimizes zone reheat coil energy ( or overcooling) and central chiller energy consumption at the cost of possible increased fan energy.

Unfortunately, the reviewer may have a case.

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Hello--- I received this note from a fellow energy model reviewer (non-LEED review comment) regarding my Baseline energy model that is supposed to be compliant with Appendix G.  I disagree with what they are saying.  I appreciate your feedback please and verification if in fact I am wrong in how I am interpreting Section G3.1.3.12.

"We believe TEMP-FIRST supply air reset control strategy is not the correct interpretation of G3.1.3.12 – rather, AIRFLOW-FIRST should be used."


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