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You've probably run into a 3rd party custom tool which isn't part of the
standard DOE2 package.  It shouldn't be the reason for your errors.  These
tools are fairly common and would probably be used in the following

1. You have actual hourly drybulb, pressure, and wetbulb data that you
would like to put into a custom DOE2 weather file.
2. DOE2 weather files have records for drybulb, pressure, wetbulb, humidity
ratio, air density, and enthalpy among other things.  Technically, you only
need 3 of these to set the state of the air for an hour, but the program
doesn't do this calculation for you, so you need to make sure that they
correspond to the same state before you pack the weather file.
3. You use some pscychrometric tool to take your hourly drybulb, pressure,
and wetbulb data and calculate the corresponding humidity ratio, density,
and specific enthalpy.
4. Run FMTWTH program to pack the weather file to binary form.

I would recommend taking a look at something like Elements from BigLadder
Software which does most of this for you in a spreadsheet style view.  Or
look into purchasing custom data.

Also, eQuest runs DOE2.2 and DOE2.3, but the weather format hasn't changed
from 2.1.


To whom it may concern,

I am trying to edit a DOE-2.1e/eQuest weather file.  The instructions
pointed the use of an Excel file called "Custom_eQuest_Weather_data.xls"
and another file called "PSYCH.xla".  In fact, there is a previous post
with the same problem:

Editing eQuest Weather Files | Energy-Models.com

Editing eQuest Weather Files | Energy-Models.com
Hi, I'm working on a calibrated energy model using eQuest. The client has
specified that they would like weather data for this model to be taken
recently from a local weather station.

Ver en energy-models.com
Vista previa por Yahoo

I realized that there are no "Custom_eQuest_Weather_data.xls" and
"PSYCH.xla" files in the DOE22WeatherUtilities.zip from DOE2.com.  I
followed the instructions until I hit on a wall once I tried to pack a new
weather file through the PKAFT.bat.  Once I ran the PKAFT.bat, I got an
error, and the new BIN file appeared empty.  My first idea is that the lack
of the "Custom_eQuest_Weather_data.xls" file is bringing me this problem.
The columns in the second FT file have lots of space between them, and do
not look like the original FT file.  Can I get a copy of this file from
DOE2.com or any other source? Any comments will be highly appreciated!

Kind regards,

Jose Luis Bermudez Alcocer, Ph.D., M.Arch., B.Arch.
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