[Equest-users] Editing DOE-2.1e/eQuest Weather Files

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To whom it may concern,
I am trying to edit a DOE-2.1e/eQuest weather file.  The instructions pointed the use of an Excel file called "Custom_eQuest_Weather_data.xls" and another file called "PSYCH.xla".  In fact, there is a previous post with the same problem:
Editing eQuest Weather Files | Energy-Models.com
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| Editing eQuest Weather Files | Energy-Models.comHi, I'm working on a calibrated energy model using eQuest. The client has specified that they would like weather data for this model to be taken recently from a local weather station.  |
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I realized that there are no "Custom_eQuest_Weather_data.xls" and "PSYCH.xla" files in the DOE22WeatherUtilities.zip from DOE2.com.  I followed the instructions until I hit on a wall once I tried to pack a new weather file through the PKAFT.bat.  Once I ran the PKAFT.bat, I got an error, and the new BIN file appeared empty.  My first idea is that the lack of the "Custom_eQuest_Weather_data.xls" file is bringing me this problem.  The columns in the second FT file have lots of space between them, and do not look like the original FT file.  Can I get a copy of this file from DOE2.com or any other source? Any comments will be highly appreciated!
Kind regards,
Jose Luis Bermudez Alcocer, Ph.D., M.Arch., B.Arch.


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